November Meeting
Will be held on
Friday 30th November 2018
Venue: Tit Rub Towers

Time:1930 for 2000 BST

Link to Piran 2011 pictures

The Majors Decanter

Presented to SPORTS Club by John Lymbury, Past National President of RTBI (1985-86) as a token of his affection for Old Tablers (particularly The Major) and in memory of all the happy times spent in Round Table. (Click pic for large view)

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Monday 29th October 2018
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SPORTS picture

So here we are at Miguel's on the 26th October 2018. The Empress is keen for me to leave, pulling my right arm, the SPORTS men think I should stay - they are pulling my left arm. Now, what was the time ?? Not even half past ten. What is happening ? Jumping Jehosophat, as Digby used to say in Dan Dare's adventures in The Eagle circa 1952. Or was that Harris Tweed ? I forget.

Thanks to Little Lyndy Lightning for the picture.

SPORTS - The Society for the preservation of Old Round Tablers welcomes you to our web site, although it probably won't make a lot of sense unless you know something about Round Table.

Many years ago we were all members of the finest table in Area 1 - Fareham 194. The fellowship and fun were just amazing. So when we got booted out at the tender age of 40, after our extra President's honorary year and whatever else we could wangle, a group of us decided we needed a little more than a Monday night half of mild with 41 Club, and so in 1986 SPORTS was born.

We meet on the last Friday of each month to wine, dine and reminisce. We take voluntary turns to host at our homes. We have not missed a single meeting since 1986. Our motto "In Vino Morbifuge" says it all.